• Roustabout
  • Painting
  • Chemical Weed Control
  • Excavation


  • Containments
  • Tank Gauges
  • Heavy Hauling

Maverick provides a variety of turn-key services in the pre-frac and post- frac phases of a well. MOS's crews are highly skilled and are trained professionals. Our crew sizes vary from 2-person, 3-person, to 4 person crews. MOS starts from the clearing of land, construction of the lease roads and pad site, welding pipeline , well hook-up and commissioning, containment and tank installation, pumping unit setup, flowline installation, installation of fencing, sandblasting and painting, landscaping property, general maintenance and repair, chemical weed control around production units and entrances, and the decommissioning of the well. Our roustabout crews are deployed with fully rigged trucks, providing all the tools to get the job done in a safe and time efficient manner.

Maverick is fully licensed for chemical weed control. They are deployed in a 2-person crew. The chemicals we spray are non-harmful to the environment and livestock. We start by mixing a blue die with chemicals to the tank which allows our customers to see the areas in which were sprayed. The blue die is only temporary and will faded away after time.


At Maverick Oilfield Service, we are committed to making workplace safety our number one goal to our employees. After all our employees are our most valuable assets as a company. At MOS our employees have the authority shutdown any operation that they feel is unsafe to people and the environment they are working in. With a firm safety program in place, we teach all accidents can be prevented.

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