About Us


Maverick Oilfield Service, (MOS) was started in 2006 by John W Coker IV. MOS started out in the Barnett Shale providing construction, building lease roads, location sites, and painting well sites and compressor stations. Since, MOS has expanded and is currently providing energy services to construction and production companies in the, Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale, Woodford Shale and the Anadarko Basin.

Maverick's additional services include, roustabout maintenance services, tank battery and containment construction, spray in-liners, painting, heavy equipment hauling, compressor installation, fencing, tank gauge installation, chemical weed spraying, and landscaping.

MOS is primarily engaged in the pre-frac and post- frac construction of well sites, and the decommissioning of the wells when they come to their ending life.

In addition, Maverick offers the most cost- effective plans, with the highest quality service available. Our employees are provided with the highest quality training and bring their own combined experience so that we may apply it to each and every job we do.


At Maverick Oilfield Service, we are committed to making workplace safety our number one goal to our employees. After all our employees are our most valuable assets as a company. At MOS our employees have the authority shutdown any operation that they feel is unsafe to people and the environment they are working in. With a firm safety program in place, we teach all accidents can be prevented.

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